My Favourite ‘Gilmore Girls’ Episodes

*I first wrote this blog post in September 2016, before I formally started posting here and when I was preparing to move into my first university accommodation. It’s amazing how far I’ve come since then, but I wanted to post this as a kind of throwback and because I do still like Gilmore Girls (though not nearly as much as I did then). I haven’t edited it, so this is a  pre-revival series list. (If you were curious, I wasn’t a massive fan of the revival, so it makes no difference to this list anyway!)


Can I just start by saying that, while I like Buzzfeed-style listicles for those 1AM browsings when I’m procrastinating school work (ah, those were the days), I don’t consider them a form of journalism I would like to partake in on a regular basis. That said, however, I’m posting this today because a) I wanted to make sure I post something, even though I’m moving into my dorm room today (!!!) and my life is therefore undergoing a major overhaul, and b) I’m very passionate about Gilmore Girls and I knew I’d have a lot of fun with this.

I’d first heard Gilmore Girls mentioned in passing, online and occassionally in TV shows (like Gossip Girl, a guilty pleasure favourite of mine), so when I saw it had been added to Netflix I was intrigued. I got hooked very quickly – to be honest, I think my curiosity was piqued after seeing Luke and Lorelai flirting in the pilot. It has since become one of my favourite shows, particularly for activities like cross-stitching, where I want something in the background but nothing too high intensity (like How to Get Away With Murder) so as to distract from the task at hand.

I really feel like I got into Gilmore Girls at the right time, given the revival series is coming out this November and I’m super excited! While the original series was amazing, it was very dated: in the second episode, Emily sends someone to Lorelai and Rory’s house to install DSL. In a Season 4 episode, Jason installs WiFi at the Gilmore house and Richard’s full of glee, while Emily looks like she’s sucking a lemon. Those are just two instances of the shows hilarious dated-ness but they stand out to me, as a native of the smartphone/social media age. So I’m very excited to see how the Gilmores live in a 2016 world (minus Richard – RIP Edward Herrmann </3)!

A disclaimer before we jump in: I am wholeheartedly #TeamJess – Dean and Logan can suck it. While I acknowledge that Jess had his jerkass moments, so did Dean and Logan! No one’s perfect! Now, I could write an essay on why the Jory(?/Ress?) pairing is the winner here, but I’ll spare you. Just be aware that my bias for Jess has seeped through into my top Gilmore Girls picks.
And without further ado, in chronological order, my favourite Gilmore Girls episodes (spoiler alert):

Season 1 Episode 6: Rory’s Birthday Parties – I like watching the party Lorelai throws Rory, because I never had parties like that growing up and it just looks so fun. I also like watching the bonding moments between Lorelai and Emily, after Emily serves pudding (albeit in crystal bowls) at Friday night dinner. Also the Post-it scenes are funny in a morbid way.

Season 1 Episode 13: Concert Interruptus – ah, Paris. I loved Paris’ character from her first appearance and this episode had a lot of Paris. It had a more mellow Paris, which was refreshing, but nonetheless she was still the Paris we know and love. She also gets a bit of humanising when Lorelai is frantic looking for Louise and Madeline, and Paris tells Rory she doubts her mother would go tearing through a New York apartment building looking for her.

Season 2 Episode 13: A-Tisket, A-Tasket – the Jory UST in this episode is unparalleled! Screw Dean!

Season 2 Episode 16: There’s the Rub – more Jory moments, plus Paris and Jess arguing over writers; that scene needed to be longer. Also, Emily picking up a guy at a 60/40 bar, and her and Lorelai’s bonding moment where they steal the bathrobes Emily won’t shut up about all weekend.

Season 3 Episode 7: They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? – FINALLY, the Dean/Rory relationship comes to an end! Jory begins!! Also, a typical crazy Stars Hollow event that ends with Kirk doing laps to the Rocky theme song? You just know this episode was destined to be a classic.

Season 3 Episode 10: That’ll Do, Pig – I love seeing Emily get her own back on Lorelai the First for her horrible treatment of her daughter-in-law. Trix was very humanising for Emily, it was certainly a nice change of pace that gave Emily’s character more depth. Watching Clara bug Jess was fun too.

Season 4 Episode 2: The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale – very topical in this case as I’m moving in today!!

Season 4 Episode 9: Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out – I find Emily and Richard and all their traditions at the Harvard/Yale game hilarious, like when they toast the stuffed Handsome Dan with the fun flask and say something about body bags, and Richard starts up a round of the ‘Eli Yale’ fight(?) song. This episode also marks a pivotal moment in Richard and Emily’s relationship that leads to their separation by the end of the season.

Season 4 Episode 13: Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels – first of all, trying saying that episode title out loud – I ran out of breath and had to be revived with smelling salts. Secondly, Jess tells Rory he loves her – and takes off immediately after! 10/10 communication skills there, Jess!!

Season 4 Episode 21: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights – Luke and Lorelai! Also, Jess’ appearance at the end where he admits he fell in love with Rory the moment he first saw her – awww! </3

Season 4 Episode 22: Raincoats & Recipes – LUKE AND LORELAI!!

Season 6 Episode 8: Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ring Out – Jess returns! He’s mature and responsible now and he’s written a book and tells Rory he couldn’t have done it without her! He even manages to get through to her about quitting Yale when no one else in her life could. If that’s not an indicator of their special bond, I don’t know what is. I could relate to Rory during her and Emily’s fight at the end when Rory reclaims her independence, and I love that she stood up for herself.

Season 6 Episode 18: The Real Paul Anka – Lorelai’s dream sequence at the beginning about Dog Paul Anka and Real Paul Anka was just hilarious. Our final Jory episode </3 I’m still bitter about the Executive Meddling that caused Amy Sherman-Palladino to quit Gilmore Girls before she could see out the Jory storyline like she truly wanted. Instead we get Season 7 with substandard writing and a crappy proposal from Logan. If Logan really knew Rory, he would’ve known that being proposed to in front of anyone else, let alone her grandparents, was the last thing she would’ve wanted. (mutters under breath) Jess would’ve known

Season 6 Episode 20: Super Cool Party People – urgh, April, but Lorelai’s party planning skills are displayed once again – and spur of the moment! – so this episode gets points for that.

Season 7 Episode 12: To Whom It May Concern – this goes on the list for Lorelai’s touching character reference for Luke’s court case (involving everyone’s favourite killjoy, you guessed it, April). It’s the start of their relationship picking up again and it’s heartwarming. It’s also the beginning of the end for Christopher/Lorelai. Christopher’s a weak-willed ninny, but he’s an okay character and I generally don’t have any particular gripes with him. However, while Rory quickly wises up to the effect her father has when he pops in (and out) of their lives, Lorelai can’t seem to get a clue and continues to fall for him in each of his appearances, even though each time he screws up her life in some way or another. It’s frustrating as heck to watch Lorelai make the same mistakes again and again… and again… and again… and again. Also, Christopher loses points for causing Luke and Lorelai’s break up the first time round by being weak enough to fall for Emily’s manipulations; he was a real jerk in that episode. But since this is the last episode in the list, let’s end it on a good note: did you see Luke’s face as the judge read the letter (character reference!!) aloud? He was clearly so touched, more by the fact that Lorelai said these sweet things than by any thought of how this would impact the case. (sigh) I’m so glad those two got together by the end of the series, and I can’t wait to watch the revival and see where they’ve ended up in 2016.

Phew, that’s all of them! That’s a lot of favourites but to be fair, there are a lot of episodes, and some of them are listed for certain scenes instead of the whole episode. I like that I’ve got a few from (almost) every season, so there’s a nice spread. I didn’t pick them like that, I just went through the episode lists on Netflix and wrote about the ones that stood out to me.

What about you: have you watched Gilmore Girls? If yes, what are your favourite episodes? Leave me a comment below!

– S


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PSA: Christmas Hiatus

I want to let everyone know I will be taking a short break from now to 4th January, when content will resume as normal. I know I just started with this, but I have essays to submit on that day and an exam then so I will be taking some time off for that. I’m also enjoying spending the Christmas period enjoying time with my family and I’d like to focus on that.

I’ll see you in the new year. In the mean time, have a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) and a Happy New Year!

– S