Fake feminism in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ and South Asia

Last year after the release of Dangal Buzzfeed India published this article. I don’t normally associate Buzzfeed with anything other than shitposting mediocre memes, but this article made me see another side to Buzzfeed India. It discussed something that had drifted around inside my head, but I’d never consciously thought about and given words. All I felt was a nagging that something was off.

I’ve recently decided to branch out and try Pakistani serials. I’ve always been Continue reading


“It’s Not Enough Until I Get Myself to Like Vagina”: Elton J Fernandez on LGBT+ Life in India

*This article was first published in #ReclaimTheBindi Zine, Issue #2 (June 2016)

This month’s theme for the #ReclaimTheBindi zine is LGBT+, and when I learnt this I was stumped. As a cishet woman, I have no personal experience with such matters. What on Earth was I going to write?

Perhaps a news piece on LGBT+ rights in India? Nope, boring. A list of my favourite LGBT+ desis? LMAO nice try! There aren’t enough out desis for that!

And then it clicked: I should turn the conversation over to someone who knows what they’re talking about and can effectively utilise this platform. And the first and only Continue reading

New Year Reading List

Last week’s post was about my goals for 2017, and this week I wanted to talk about books I want to read that will get me closer to those goals. It’s mostly non-fiction because you can read the blurb and instantly know what those books will teach you; with fiction books you can only really tell in hindsight.

I’m not going to make a promise to finish all these books, because these year I’ve given up doing things for the sake of doing them even when my heart’s not in it – such as finishing a soup with far too much coriander to be Continue reading

2017 Goals

I’m loathe to call this post “2017 New Year’s Resolutions” because a) cliché af, amirite? and b) I feel like New Year’s Day is an arbitrary date and because of the expectations attached to it, the pressure starts to build and the resolutions eventually crumble. I think it’s better to make resolutions as you go because then you’re making new goals at the right time for you and you’re more likely to stick to them because you believe it in your heart, rather than thinking “I need to do this.” But that’s just one woman’s opinion (aka me, hi). Continue reading

PSA: Christmas Hiatus

I want to let everyone know I will be taking a short break from now to 4th January, when content will resume as normal. I know I just started with this, but I have essays to submit on that day and an exam then so I will be taking some time off for that. I’m also enjoying spending the Christmas period enjoying time with my family and I’d like to focus on that.

I’ll see you in the new year. In the mean time, have a Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) and a Happy New Year!

– S

Follow-up on ‘What #reclaimthebindi Means to Me’: an Essay

As I discussed in my previous post, discovering the hashtag #reclaimthebindi and the movement associated with it sparked a change in me. It led me to a community of people who openly embraced their heritage, which was revolutionary to me. As a child I’d tried my damned hardest to assimilate: I remember one time in Reception when I was 5, it was break time and me and these two other Indian girls were sat at a table with pieces of paper and pink pencils in hand. We were trying to decide who each of us would be in our Continue reading

What #reclaimthebindi Means to Me

*This article was first published in #ReclaimTheBindi Zine, Issue #1 (March 2016)

As a kid growing up in London in the 2000s, I didn’t really care about the fact that I’m Indian. I mean, I knew I was and if you challenged me, I would’ve defended my home country proudly – but in all honesty, I didn’t care. Every person of colour I knew was essentially taught not to care: the more British/Western you were, the cooler you were. Right? Continue reading