2017 Goals

I’m loathe to call this post “2017 New Year’s Resolutions” because a) cliché af, amirite? and b) I feel like New Year’s Day is an arbitrary date and because of the expectations attached to it, the pressure starts to build and the resolutions eventually crumble. I think it’s better to make resolutions as you go because then you’re making new goals at the right time for you and you’re more likely to stick to them because you believe it in your heart, rather than thinking “I need to do this.” But that’s just one woman’s opinion (aka me, hi).But right now is the right time for these goals: in this post I want to outline my goals I want to achieve this year, so that I have a written record of it that isn’t going to get lost on my messy desk, and because I think it will be fun to look back next year and see what I did and didn’t do.

Speaking of losing things on my desk, that leads nicely onto the first of my goals for 2017:

  1. Declutter! I need to pull a serious Marie Kondo and get downsize my collection of stuff. I always think I’m a messy person but in reality, if I didn’t have so much stuff I wouldn’t be able to make such a mess. I think decluttering will be a major 🔑* to streamlining my life and I need to get on that this year
  2. Decorate more! Related to the above point: if I have more space, I can get more creative with it. I’m currently living in university accommodation and when I moved in I thought to myself “It’s no big deal, I’m only here for a year” – but I’ve come to realise the importance of making your space feel homely, wherever you are and however long you’re there for. This year I’m going to string up fairy lights around my room and put up posters and photos – maybe even some (fake) plants?
  3. Take more photos! I started this one over the holidays when my family were visiting from Canada and I want to make sure I continue it into the new year. I really enjoy taking photos of people and this year I want to do that more. I want to make sure I capture memories, like my sister’s humus sandwiches that actually tasted really good! It also means I’ll be getting more practice and I’ll improve. Time to put my DSLR to good use!
  4. Experiment with style more! I want to experiment with clothes to find a style that fits me best and makes me feel like I can conquer anything. As with the previous point, I started doing this more in the last couple of weeks of the year and it really did make a difference to how I felt and carried myself. But I want to keep trying and find the middle ground between put together and comfortable.
  5. Record the happy moments! This year will finally be the year I start a jar where every time something happens that makes my heart sing, I’ll write it down and put it in the jar. Then, at the end of the year I can go through them all and make myself happy all over again.

I think these goals are very doable and they make me feel very optimistic about 2017. Hopefully I will still be doing this blogging thing in 2018 and I can go back and review how well I did on these. I feel like I should have a goal related to blogging on this list, but I’ve found that when I try to put quantifiable goals on hobbies such as blogging it gives me the feeling of being forced to do it. Right now I have a lot to say and it’s pouring out of me onto my keyboard; until I have nothing to say, I’ll still be blogging. My attitude to blogging right now is I’m putting my feet up and enjoying the ride, and whenever I think of something to write about, I write it. And I’m just going to continue enjoying the journey.

I’m really excited for 2017 – in part because I keep seeing people being ecstatic that 2016 is over everywhere on social media and it’s rubbing off on me; and mostly because I grew so much as a person in 2016 that I feel like I’ve hit my zenith, but I know that I’m only halfway there (woooah, livin’ on a prayer!) and that makes me excited for how amazing my future self is going to be. And I can’t wait to meet her.

Leave me a comment telling me your goals for this year. I wish a Happy New Year to all of you and I hope your 2017 is blessed, and brings you nothing but happiness!

– S

* The DJ Khaled reference is irrelevant – especially given how many pairs of trainers the man owns – but it works.


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