Yo! I’m Sarika, pleased to meet you :)

This blog’s URL is my name because this blog is my commentary on my life and all that it encompasses, including my hobbies, interests, and general experiences! I’m eschewing the traditional blogging advice of “finding your niche” because I‘m my niche and I’m a pretty niche niche, capisce? (Boy, was that a tongue twister!) If perspectives and random musings are what you’re after, let  me reassure you you’re in the right place!

What about me, I hear you ask? Hm, well, let’s see…

. . .

… I’m trying to think of something to add and – typically – my mind has gone blank and all I can think of is “She’s a loaded pistol who likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain” – appropriate given that I slip in some kind of reference every chance I get! So there’s one thing!

In all seriousness, I’m a British Indian LLB student, living in the UK. I love writing (evidently!), reading, travelling, binge-watching Netflix (*tuts* typical millennial) and cross-stitching (… er, not so typical millennial).

I think that’s everything! Feel free to comment on this blog, or hmu on Twitter or Instagram!

Ciao for now!

– S


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