Follow-up on ‘What #reclaimthebindi Means to Me’: an Essay

As I discussed in my previous post, discovering the hashtag #reclaimthebindi and the movement associated with it sparked a change in me. It led me to a community of people who openly embraced their heritage, which was revolutionary to me. As a child I’d tried my damned hardest to assimilate: I remember one time in Reception when I was 5, it was break time and me and these two other Indian girls were sat at a table with pieces of paper and pink pencils in hand. We were trying to decide who each of us would be in our Continue reading


What #reclaimthebindi Means to Me

*This article was first published in #ReclaimTheBindi Zine, Issue #1 (March 2016)

As a kid growing up in London in the 2000s, I didn’t really care about the fact that I’m Indian. I mean, I knew I was and if you challenged me, I would’ve defended my home country proudly – but in all honesty, I didn’t care. Every person of colour I knew was essentially taught not to care: the more British/Western you were, the cooler you were. Right? Continue reading

Welcome! (Please wipe your feet on the mat)

Yo! I’m Sarika, pleased to meet you :)

This blog’s URL is my name because this blog is my commentary on my life and all that it encompasses, including my hobbies, interests, and general
experiences! I’m eschewing the traditional blogging advice of “finding your niche” because I’m my niche and I’m a pretty niche niche, capisce? (Boy, was that a tongue twister!) If perspectives and random musings are what you’re after, let me reassure you you’re in the right place! Continue reading